Immigration Solutions for Thinking, Creative People:

A wide variety of visa options is available to scholars, scientists, artists and innovators. Provided that your petition is handled properly, you may be more than qualified under the rules of the US Immigration Service for one or more visas which will enable you to pursue your personal and professional goals in the United States.

Some of the visa options available are permanent, and others last for a limited period of years, but are renewable. Some visas require you to have a sponsor and some do not. Which visa is right for you depends on your career, your goals and your needs.


A variety of non-permanent visa options such as an H-1B, O-1, E-2 or NAFTA are available to scholars, scientists, artists and innovators who wish to live and work in the United States. These visas often last for several years and are generally renewable.

Although all non-immigrant visas have their traditional applications, they also can be used in unconventional ways. These can solve short term gaps and other issues as well.  For example, the O-1 Visa, which is renewable without limitation, is generally known as an artist’s visa. However, scientists, scholars and business people are also eligible for O-1 visas, an option that is useful especially if time under another visa such as H-1B is running short. By the same token, H-1B visas can be useful for any person of talent who has a college degree and meets the generally applicable criteria.

Permanent Visas or Green Cards:

Scholars, scientists, artists and innovators have many different Green Card options. The traditional EB-3 Green Card Petition based on a Perm Labor Certification is generally an option, although it currently involves a lengthy delay to adjust status. This delay can be avoided or minimized by an EB-2 (with a PERM or National Interest Waiver) or an EB-1 Petition, based on Extraordinary Ability or Outstanding Researcher/Professor status. For many people, that fact that Petitions under EB-1-1 and EB-2 National Interest Waiver may be self-sponsored is important.

The key to approval of your Petition, of any kind, is a thoughtful submission, carefully prepared to anticipate and address the expectations and questions of the Immigration Service’s adjudicators.

Why choose Dyer Harris LLP:

At Dyer Harris LLP, we have had impressive success with Petitions for scholars, scientists, artists and innovators because we take the time to understand the work of our clients, and then to explain to the Immigration Service how our clients meet the highest standards of accomplishment, acclaim, influence and national interest.  Every case is handled by one of our firm’s partners, who carefully sift the evidence for the most compelling case that can be made. Then we build that case, painstakingly working with a client’s record to establish their eligibility for the visa or green card they need. We provide comprehensive analysis, creative strategy and vigorous representation.  Scholars, scientists, artists and innovators deserve nothing less than this kind of careful professional attention.

The mission of Dyer Harris LLP is to educate and empower our clients with respect to their immigration options, and to provide exceptional, high quality legal representation in assisting our clients obtain the short and long term immigration solutions they require. We invite you to contact our firm.